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Your body can become stressed very quickly, when you are in this state your body is out of balance and it is difficult to achieve resilience. You'll find it is much harder to cope with situations which you would otherwise be able to deal with. See the benefits of how our program can help you; whether you are looking for one-on-one coaching or a group program.

First Responders and Their Families

The goal of the SOAR program for first responders and their families is to perform their jobs effectively and reduce the negative impact of job stressors. The program will provide a framework in which you will learn how and when to access the tools of breath, movement and even meditation (it is not that scary – well maybe a little bit) in order to improve your overall health.

First responders and those that work and live with them face an enormous amount of stress. By learning and practicing some or all of the techniques presented in the SOAR program it is possible to mitigate the negative impact of the job on your mental, emotional and/or physical well-being (creating stress resiliency).

The SOAR acronym and visual identification tool are based on ancient principles including Yoga. As you learn and practice, you will respond better to stress (whether that is a call at work or a situation at home) and recover to a resting (or balanced) state more readily. As you become proficient, you will SOAR quickly and easily into a state of ease and balance.


“Great class and very informative. Michelle is very knowledgeable.”

San Marcos FD

“Great class. We need more of this mental fortitude type of class. Power of thought/breathing is huge.”

San Marcos FD

“Excellent class, thank you for the time you spent with us.”

Monrovia FD

“Great class and very informative. Michelle is very knowledgeable.”

San Marcos FD

Stressed Out Parents

Having 3 children of her own, Michelle fully understands the intricacies involved in maintaining balance while trying to parent children. Her oldest two daughters are in college and her youngest is in the 5th grade.

The beauty of having children, is it teaches you so many life lessons. You realize when you are tired, at the end of your rope, or in a joyful state.

Michelle coaches parents to show up as the greatest versions of themselves. By creating little practices throughout the day, you can stay calm, be filled with awe and joy, and have tons of energy left over for your job, partner or hobbies (wouldn’t that be a novel idea).

Michelle uses breathing and mindfulness and Heartmath tools, to help parents go to bed at night proud of themselves, instead of frustrated and discourage, vowing to do better tomorrow (we have all been there).


"I would highly recommend Michelle, she explains things really well and her positivity is infectious. I worked with Michelle to help reduce stress and heal my body. She gave me practical tools and techniques which when used on a daily basis made a big difference, helping to heal me and my body. My outlook on life was also turned around and things seemed much easier to deal with."

B.S. London, England

Stressed Out Students

Having children who have excelled in school, and also ones that have struggled since the 2nd grade, Michelle understands all too well the difficulties that students face.

She gives all students little tricks to help them find a place of ease, so that they can learn more effectively.

Her work with students includes:

  • Ways to calm down when anxiety hits

  • Test enhancement

  • Breath work for optimal athletic performance

  • Sleep/insomnia cures

  • Self care routines


“Loved the exercises and all of the tips on breathing, even while driving/sitting or anything.”

Mt. San Jacinto College Student

“Good information, especially for a stressed student, like me…”

Mt. San Jacinto College Student

“This was amazing, I feel enlightened and more, calm. I needed this, thank you.”

Mt. San Jacinto College Student

Trying to Conceive or Fertility Problems

Child Conception – Heartfully Breathing, Receiving & Conceiving is the brainchild of Michelle Adams, Certified Yoga Therapist, ERYT 500. It is designed to help women create the optimal environment to conceive a child.

Specific yoga postures, breathing techniques, energy medicine, and guided imagery are used to enhance the flow of energy and circulation, calm the nervous system, balance hormones and metabolism, and enhance a sense of well-being.

Prepare your mind and body to peacefully conceive and carry a child.

Studies show that women who experience the least stress are 93% more likely to give birth than those who experience the most stress. So the key is to relax and take time to breathe!


  • Reduces stress hormones that disrupt healthy reproductive functions

  • Improves ovulation and hormonal balance

  • Relieves both physical and emotional tension by reducing cortisol

  • Opens up pelvic region of the body, improves circulation so reproductive organs are rejuvenated

  • Increases body strength, flexibility and receptivity

  • Detoxifies body tissues

  • Improves sleep

  • Channels healing energy inside of the body for optimal implantation

  • Data from around the world shows that when women with infertility go through mind/body protocols, their stress levels go down and their pregnancy rates go up.

  • Learning yoga and meditation can increase feelings of connectedness and joy that are a vital part of healthy fertility.


“I am currently 6 months pregnant with my first child and I feel calm and prepared for pregnancy, birthing and beyond."

“I’m not new to yoga, in fact, I’ve studied yoga off and on for about 10 years, but Michelle’s heartfully breathing, receiving and conceiving series was the first yoga class to really teach me how to breathe properly. That may sound silly, but once you feel the relaxation you can achieve simply by training your breath you don’t know what you’re missing.

I am currently 6 months pregnant with my first child and I feel calm and prepared for pregnancy, birthing and beyond. I truly feel like I’ve learned an amazing relaxation tool to carry me through my life. Michelle guides you to a place where you can let go and just be. Thanks, Michelle.”


“It’s not about how much you can physically do, it’s more about relaxing…. as soon as we let go we conceived. ”

“When my wife asked me to join her for fertility yoga I was onboard, but a bit unsure. ‘Will I be able to do this?’ I thought, ‘I can’t even touch my toes!’ Michelle made me feel very at ease. It’s not about how much you can physically do, it’s more about relaxing. It’s very stressful trying to conceive and as a culture, we seem to want everything NOW. Through Michelle’s gentle teaching we learned how to let go of that feeling of urgency and as soon as we let go we conceived. ”


“5 stars! I got pregnant on week 4 of this 6 week class!”

O. R.

“This class is a must for couple’s who are preparing to become pregnant.”

“Do not wait until you are ‘ready to start trying to get pregnant’. Michelle’s yoga fertility class helped me prepare my body to be the optimal environment for the egg to be released and to create a calm and peaceful place for implantation. As a busy working mother, I looked forward to the class each week, since it helped me to be still and quiet and unwind. The class is not only dedicated to yoga positions that are safe for women who are trying to become pregnant or may be pregnant, but Michelle also shares wisdom and advice on healthy eating, relaxation techniques, essential oils and ways to connect with your partner. She also provides instruction and a journal filled with easy yoga positions to do at home so you can continue the practice in between classes. The journal I began in Michelle’s class became a pregnancy journal that I will treasure forever!" Genie

“…my husband and I did finally conceive and are expecting our first child!”

“I cannot say enough about Michelle Adams and her Heartfully Breathing series. The techniques and methods I learned in her course have been invaluable to me in preparing my body for a baby and continue to be of use to me well in to my pregnancy and daily life. Going in to this course I had no idea what to expect but I felt that my body in its current state of constant stress and tension was keeping me from conceiving and from having an environment within my body that I would be proud to carry my baby in. My friend had recommended this course to me and I cannot thank her enough for doing so as my husband and I did finally conceive and are expecting our first child! My husband and I thoroughly loved and looked forward to every class every week as it was a time to reconnect with ourselves, each other and our soon to be baby. Michelle also gave us a simple but very effective daily practice to take home with us as well which really helped to keep us connected as a couple. Michelle’s peaceful demeanor and overall passion for what she does was extremely inspiring for both of us and kept us excited about continuing to try to conceive, we highly recommend any and all couples even considering conception to take her course.”

Lily Stein

“Thank you so much for your wisdom and kindness.”

“When I had a miscarriage last year I was afraid to try again and through your teachings I found the strength and peace within myself to stop worrying about the “what if’s” and just be thankful for the present. Whatever happens now is out of my hands… it was never in my hands in the first place.”


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